What is VPS Hosting? All You Need to Know About VPS

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A few days ago I posted about free Linux VPS. In that post, I got some questions like what can be done with it? Can I download a movie on it? Like this. So today I sat down to write about the answers to all those questions.

What is VPS?

Is VPS for free net?

VPS -Virtual Private Server

Simply put, it is not a very difficult subject. VPS is like a normal computer. But here you can not physically touch it. But you can use it from a distance. This is VPS.

Now I will answer some questions and talk about its use.

VPS is used in many ways. Some of it I am saying.
  • Suppose you download a Cracked Game / App. But you don’t understand if there is a virus in it. At that time, with this VPS, you can download the file and test whether it has a virus or not.
  • Then suppose you upload a file from one place to another. But you don’t have that amount of time or MB. Now you can easily download and upload that file to VPS. For example, upload to MediaFire from Google Drive. Then it can be used.
  • If you are an APP Developer now you need a server for that app then this VPS will work for your server.
  • Now you will crack the account of any user of any site. Then you will crack using Wordlist. But you don’t have that time. Because it takes a long time to do this. Then you can do it through VPS.

Is VPS for free net?

Is VPS for free net?
No, not at all. It can not be used for free net in any way. You must have the Internet to use it.

Can a movie be downloaded with VPS?

Not really. Yes, you can download but there is no benefit. If you play it, it will lag. And there is no benefit in it because it will cut MB.

I hope I have been able to answer all your questions. If you can’t, please comment, I will tell you.

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