Tips To Speed Up Broadband – How To Speed Up Slow Broadband ?

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One of the most common problems we wifi users have is the occasional speed situation. As it is going well in your first condition, after a few days it will be slow again and I will show you some of the reasons for it.

Increase Internet Speed

Tips To Speed Up Broadband – How To Speed Up Slow Broadband?

1. If there are more users, the speed will be slow –

At first, our wifi is connected to 2-3 mobiles but as the day goes on the user bar. If your wifi is 1-2 Mbps, you must not connect more than 4-5 devices. Then it will be slow, especially if everyone runs together. Or a lot of times when you give a password to someone, he gives it to everyone again, so the user bar keeps going, so go to the admin panel and see that how many users there are and block those who have the bar.👈

2. If not taken directly from the company –

In fact, many people start a business with a WiFi line, such as a line with different homes, and if they want 4 Mbps speed, he is reduced to 2-3 Mbps, so they take 4 Mbps from you in the office 2-3 Mbps money. Will submit. So even if the user is low, if you do not get the net speed as you go directly complain to the office. And tell them your username and ask how many Mbps you have been given.

3. wifi signal but do not run net-

Occasionally the router hangs, so open the router’s charger and plug it in again. If it doesn’t work
A lot of times someone can go into the admin panel and reverse everything so the net can go. Then you can reset your router and set up the router anew. If it still doesn’t work, you may call the office on Fiber or there is a problem with your connection.
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