How To Recover Hacked Youtube Channel?

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How To Recover Hacked Youtube Channel?  If a YouTube channel is hacked for any reason after it has been scaled up, then it can understand how painful it is. 

YouTube channels are hacked mainly due to our own fault or due to our own negligence.

Recover Hacked Youtube Channel

The main reason for hacking a YouTube channel is to install a pirated app or a cracked version of the hacked app on the computer, through which hackers insert various types of programs through which they take full control of your computer and take control of your channel.

Also at different times, hackers offer you a lot of money to sponsor and ask you to install an app on your PC, which tells you to promote. In fact, there is a fancy trap to hack inside the app.

So be a little careful when taking sponsorship.

We will always try to get rid of any cracked software or cracked windows or phishing sites that come from email or social media.

If the YouTube channel is hacked, how can I bring it back?

If the YouTube channel is hacked, you have to contact YouTube.

The only option to get in touch with YouTube is Twitter, although you can get in touch with YouTube from our YouTube channel. But your channel has been hacked, so you have no way to get in touch with them. So Twitter is the only medium through which you can communicate with YouTube. There is no other option through which you can contact YouTube.

If you use this method, you will get 95% sure that your channel will be back.

Recover Hacked Youtube Channel

First login to the Twitter account, if you do not have a Twitter account, then take a Twitter account.
Then go to the search option and search @TeamYoutube
Recover Hacked Youtube
Then go to their verified account and tweet and tell in that tweet how your YouTube channel has been hacked and details including your channel name, link.
Like the ss below
For your convenience, I am writing the message below, you can copy and paste it if you want.

“Dear Youtube partner support team,
my youtube channel, and google account recently got hijacked. My channel URL is:
I’m trying to send email to [email protected] but he is getting an automated response. Because my main gmail that was associated with his channel is hijacked, I can’t contact yt partner support directly. Please respond to his email at: [email protected]
Plesse give me back my channel.”

Then you will reply to Twitter from YouTube.
Recover Hacked Youtube Channel
Then you contact YouTube, tell us in detail how the channel was hacked and follow the instructions they give and you will see that they have returned your channel in a few days.
It can take up to 7 days to get the channel back. Wait patiently, 95% you can be sure you will get your channel back because this is how I brought back the channels of my two friends. I shared the real experience with you.
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