Large Keyboard Apps For Android – Best Keyboard Apps for Android

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Most people use their phone’s default keyboard for typing. These are usually stock keyboards of Android or the mobile company’s own keyboard. But these may not be enough for you. There are various third-party keyboard apps for Android that have a lot of fun features and customization features
Nowadays Microsoft’s Softkey and Google’s Gboard are dominating the market and most people use them. However, there are some better apps besides these, which can make your typing colorful. So let’s take a look at the best Android keyboards.
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1.Fleksy :

It’s an excellent keyboard. I’ve actually been using it for so long that it really trips up when I have to use someone else’s phone and type on their stock keyboard. It learns how you type and predicts what you’re probably trying to say to the point that I can type a full sentence and hit almost all.
  • Flexi is the most popular Android keyboard.
  • It is a large app for android.
  • It has all the awesome features including Swipe, Web Search, GIF, Meme, Theme, Extension, and many more.
Large Keyboard Apps For Android
  • Most of the themes are free.
  • However, there are several paid themes.
  • However, these are not very expensive.
  • This keyboard is completely free and one of the best apps to use.

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2.Gboard :

Much better than the Samsung keyboard! Anybody can use the Google keyboard is better than any other keyboard out there. Very fast and efficient. Go with Google products versus Amazon products.
  • The keyboard is Google’s official stock keyboard.
  • It has many basic features like auto-correction, different language typing, and different customization features.
Large Keyboard Apps For Android
  • It has Google search built-in.
  • That means you can search Google without leaving the keyboard.
  • There is also a GIF Search, Voice Typing, and Google Translate.
  • Google often adds various features to this keyboard.
  • Currently, the number of users of this app is over 1 billion.

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3.Grammarly :

  • This name may have been heard by many.
  • Grammarly is one of the new Android keyboards.
  • It started out as a Chrome extension and can correct your grammatical errors as you type.
Large Keyboard Apps For Android
  • It corrects your grammar and spelling as well as punctuation.
  • It’s new, so it’s still in development.
  • Hopefully, more new features will come in its future updates.
  • I like it because it explains your mistakes and you can also learn from them if you want.
  • The keyboard is completely free.

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4. SwiftKey :

Microsoft SwiftKey is that the intelligent keyboard that learns your literary genre, so you’ll type faster.
Use your personalized keyboard to type and send emojis, GIFs, and more just the way you wish.
The Microsoft SwiftKey swipe keyboard is usually learning and adapting to match your unique way of typing – including your slang, nicknames, and emoji.
  • According to most, Swiftkey is one of the best Android keyboards of all time.
  • It has typing, cloud sync as well as line prediction and auto-correction features.
Large Keyboard Apps For Android
  • There are a variety of themes, keyboard customizations, a number row, and much more to enjoy.
  • It supports more than 100 languages.
  • The keyboard and all its features are free but you need to buy and use most of the themes.
  • Microsoft bought the keyboard a few years ago, and it still works as before.

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This app is great and all. It doesn’t give me any problems so far, when I’m making a replacement keyboard it doesn’t show me or it doesn’t display themes and every one the opposite stuff just like the letters, the sound effects, the keyboards, the background design, all are like blanks, and it doesn’t let me use or download those free stuff that I’ve been using before for a very long time.
  • Fancykey is one of the best Android keyboards.
  • It focuses a lot more on customization, themes.
  • The app features more than 50 themes, 70 fonts, and 3,200 emojis and emoticons.
Large Keyboard Apps For Android
  • You’ll find auto-correction features with support for typing and up to 50 languages.
  • Some Google Play Reviewers occasionally report bugs or issues with the app.
  • However, it seemed to work well during my use. If this doesn’t work for you, you can use the apps above.
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