Keyboard Keys And Their Functions F1 to F12 Keys

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Today we will talk about the function of F1 to F12 on the keyboard. We know that from F1 to F12.There are a dozen key functions. What is called? Now let’s find out. What are the functions of the keys.
Functions F1 to F12 Keys
○ F1: Used as auxiliary key. Pressing F1 brings up the ‘help’ of each program.
○ F2: Usually used to rename a file or folder. Press Alt + Ctrl + F2 to open a new Microsoft Word file. Press Ctrl + F2 to view the print preview in Word.
○ F3: Pressing it launches the search feature of many programs including Microsoft Windows. By pressing Shift + F3, the word text is started from uppercase to lowercase or the first letter of each word starts with a capital letter, etc.
○ F4: Repeat the last action of the word can be done again by pressing the key. Pressing Alt + F4 closes all active programs. Pressing Ctrl + F4 closes all active windows.
○ F5: Microsoft Windows, Internet browsers, etc. are refreshed by pressing F5. PowerPoint slide show can be started. Word’s find, replace, go to window opens.
○ F6: This allows the mouse cursor to be moved to the address bar of the web browser. Pressing Ctrl + Shift + F6 activates another document opened in Word.
○ F7: The spelling and grammar of writing in Word is fixed by pressing this key. Caret browsing can be turned on in Firefox. Pressing Shift + F7 launches a dictionary to know the synonyms, antonyms, word types, etc. of a selected word in the word.
○ F8: This key is useful when starting the operating system. Normally you have to press it to run in Windows Safe Mode.
○ F9: This key opens the measurement toolbar of Quark Express 5.0.
○ F10: Select the menu bar of the web browser or any open window by pressing this key. Shift + F10 is used to right-click on a selected text or attachment, link, or image.
○ F11: Can be seen across the web browser screen.
○ F12: Word’s Save as a window is opened by pressing the key. Shift + F12 saves the Microsoft Word file. And the Word file is printed by pressing Ctrl + Shift + F12. I hope this information will be useful to you.
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