Important Youtube Seo Tips By Carryminati

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I think many of us who work online dream of becoming YouTubers. I also want to be a YouTuber. To create a position of your own online.
However, in the face of so many rules of YouTube, many people leave YouTube in the middle.
In 12 months, with 1000 YouTube subscribers, and 4000 hours of watch time, many people became impatient. Even if you make good quality videos, you will not get the expected subscribers and views.
How To Rank Youtube Videos On First Page Of Google

Is it enough to do video content, thumbnails, and tags on YouTube properly?

I say, no! Because if you don’t promote your video or channel, you won’t get a good response. “Words are propaganda”
Now let’s look at the mistakes that a new YouTuber makes in the early stages of YouTube.
That is Person 2 Person, that is, you share Sub 4 Sub and Watch Time with the person and even use various third-party apps and websites.
This is easy for YouTube to catch and your subscribers and views are being spammed and your channel rank is declining.
Let me clarify the matter with you.

You subscribe to your channel link or video link and share it with a specific person for watch time.
In that case, YouTube can understand that this visitor or subscriber has spammed your channel.
Moreover, if your subscribers are not interested in the content of your channel, they will not watch your video later. In that case, YouTube will automatically remove your subscriber.
The reason YouTube understands this is because of the use of robotics algorithm programs.
Well, you see, when you upload a video with music or someone else’s content, you just copy it.

Youtube Videos SEO Tips?

  • Here YouTube observers do not observe by hand but through the automatic detection algorithm program.
  • Again, if your channel is monetized, your income will definitely be lower because most of your subscribers are not interested in your channel.
  • So stop sharing sub 4 sub and person to person. This will not only increase your channel rank but will continue to decrease.
  • Well, have you ever noticed? When you enter the new YouTube, YouTube suggests some videos on the screen for you.
  • But you never watch that video or subscribe to the channel. But why does YouTube do that?
  • This is because the videos have been viewed by many people as well as ranked on YouTube.
  • You have to do exactly the same thing, you have to work with channels and video rank.
  • Then YouTube will suggest your video to others and then the sub and watch time will increase.
  • So work on the video and channel rank after the subscriber and watch time.
  • So now let’s talk about how to work with your video and channel rank on YouTube. For this, you need to have knowledge of YouTube marketing.
  • So first you must meditate on the content, tags, thumbnails of the video.
  • If you think your video is standard but still not being viewed then you can do YouTube marketing.
  • You have to spend money to do YouTube marketing. You can promote your video ad or youtube promotion on various micro freelancing sites.
  • However, one method I discovered was “group marketing”. So that no money has to be spent.
  • Group marketing is about working together to increase each other’s video rank.
  • You must follow a rule for group marketing.
  • What we usually do is share video URLs and take watch time, this way your video rank will never increase.

Well, if you search with the tags on the topic on which your video is made, what does your video show in the first 10 videos?

If not here’s It just for you!

1. You copy the main 10 tags of your video.
2. Share them with 10 people.
3. Share a thumbnail of your video.
4. And share your channel name.

Your video rank will only increase when that particular person finds your video on YouTube according to the information you provide.
YouTube will suggest others to own your videos.
Also, if a person ever searches for a video on that topic on YouTube, your video will be among the first 10 videos.
In the next post, we will discuss group marketing and how to actually calculate 1000 sub and 4000 hours in 12 months.

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