How Wireless Charger Works? The Truth of Wireless Charger

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Sometimes you all have a question, how wireless charger works? When we put a mobile phone on a Plate and it’s beginning to charge. After all which power is working inside this charger? Today we will figure out the technological power of this wireless charger.
Before starting this article comment, who has the phone which supports wireless charging?

How Wireless Charger Works?

How Wireless Charger Works?
In a simple way we know, when we put a mobile phone on the Wireless Charger Plate it began to charge. Note when we buy a wireless charger, the seller always gives us the plate with a power adapter. We have to place our phone on the plate then it starts to charge. But in a technical way, everyone can’t understand how it actually works. To know the simple and the technical process of this wireless charger keep reading the article.

In a simple way, How Wireless Charger Works?

How Wireless Charger Works?
  • Plug the adapter of the wireless charger plate and turn the power on
  • Now place the phone on the plate of the wireless charger
  • Done, you can see the phone starts charging
  • When you picked up the phone from the plate it stops.
It’s a simple way of wireless charger works. Now we will discuss the technical way of wireless charging.

In a Technical way, How Wireless Charger Works?

How Wireless Charger Works?

  • Basically, wireless charging based on electromagnetic induction
  • there are two device Mobile and charger Plate/Pod
  • in these two devices have some rounded wire or coil of copper
  • when we power on the charger plate it generates an Alternative Magnetic Field
  • mobile catch this alternative magnetic field signal just because also mobile has the rounded wire or coil of copper
  • in this technical way, our phone starts charging.

Can wireless charger damage your mobile?

No, because mobile has a rectifier circuit that converts the alternative current to direct current. Alternative current voltage can not be control but the direct current voltage can be control easily. Then the direct current goes to the battery for charging. In this way of charging can’t damage your phone.

Type of wireless charging standards:

There are two wireless charging standards. The first one is Qi. It is the most popular wireless charging technology and many popular mobile companies use this. The other one is PMA. Both technology support wireless charging. But later on, Qi technology comes with better performance.
Everything has some advantages and also disadvantages. So wireless charger has also some advantages and disadvantages. Now we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the wireless charger.

Advantages of wireless charging

  1. Without plugged in your phone you can charge
  2. You can charge your phone by just putting it on the charger plate
  3. No fear of wire breaking.

Disadvantages of wireless charging

Disadvantages of wireless charging

  1. The wireless charger does not support fast charging
  2. The magnetic field can generate hit
  3. and also sometimes it not working if you do not place your phone properly on the plate.
These disadvantages can be fixed with the help of technology so you can use a wireless charger without any major problem.
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