How to increase mobile phone life? 100% Working Tricks

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Phone changes every year, Doing so is a job of choice for many people Hategona. Most people make the most of the ‘favorite’ device Want. If you belong to this group, then this article is for you.

1. Don’t Skip App Update

As important as updating the app is to keep the speed of the phone right, it also works to keep the life of the phone right. So don’t skip if you want app updates. Also, keep the operating settings updated. This update can ensure the protection of your personal information. Updates do not take much time. Gives you more than it takes.

 If there is an error in your phone, it is time to update the operating system. At the same time, it keeps the overall performance of the phone. Automatic updates are available on Android and iPhone. To get it, you have to keep the default settings active. To enable auto-update on Android, you need to go to the Play Store settings option. Here you will find the ‘Auto-update apps’ option. iPhone users
Settings> iTunes & App Store. Then slide ‘App Updates’ to the ‘On’ position.

2. Delete App

Do not keep additional apps on the phone. Delete regularly. This will increase the performance of your phone, as well as increase life expectancy. 
You can use the ‘Delete unused apps‘ app to delete unused apps.

3.Phone case usage:

A separate case should always be used on the phone. Even if it falls out of hand, the fear of being ruined will be reduced.

4.Screen and port clean:

It is much much important to keep the phone clean. Even if you use the case, clean it regularly. Clean the cable, the port you use for the microphone.

Also, keep the screen clean. It will collect less dirt inside the phone. The phone will be fine.

5.Moderate use:

Excessive use of the phone should be reduced. Make sure the phone is not hot. The less hot the battery, the longer the life of the phone. Never place the phone under direct sunlight.

6. Vibration:

If you keep the phone in vibration all the time, the battery is consumed quickly. The life of the phone is reduced. So keep the phone silent if necessary.

7.When charging:

The phone should be plugged in before the charge is zero. When the phone comes to 30 to 40 percent charge, then charge. If you don’t have time to pay a 100 percent charge, you can do up to 80 percent. In other words,

 the rule is to keep a 30 to 60 percent charge on the phone all the time. It can be used for more days..the phone is covered while charging. If you keep the cover/case open. It is better. The phone is less hot.
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