High ping during gaming? Is the mobile hot? (Solution)

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There are many of us who play Free Fire or other games but we have some common problems. Today is a great day for those who have game lag as their mobile gets hot or ping is too much. I am sharing an app to solve the ping problem through an app. And you will get the solution of RAM Claire with VPN. There are many features in an app first. Download the app from the Play Store or click here then install. Then open the app.
High ping during gaming?

Now there is a switch button for those who have a ping problem while gaming, click on it to turn it on and from here automatically. The game will be connected to the IP of the country. Or you can connect the IP of any country if you want. Those Ping problems. Now, look at the 3 icons below. The first one clears the RAM, the second one is the battery saver and the number 3 is this. Those mobiles get hot.


Here you can see the temperature of the mobile then click on the switch button that is here, And see how fast Magic cools down the mobile. There are several features inside an app. Many people need this app the most, those who heat the mobile means it becomes hotter, and those who play games
Their app is very useful when the internet speed is low

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