Google Assistant will do with just your voice !

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Google Assistant is one of the most popular services from Google. Everyone loves to call an assistant with a command. And among the many apps, finding the necessary app to open is definitely a hassle. So we do everything from opening the phone app to opening the flashlight with voice commands to Google Assistant. But there are still some of our evil friends who disrupt our work by commanding Google Assistant from the side during our work.

In such a situation, we are always behind. So if you are looking for a solution to this problem then the only way is to give your voice model to Google Assistant. By doing this, Google Assistant will recognize your voice and will only listen to your voice later. So let’s see how to train Google Assistant with your voice model.

  1. First, open your phone’s settings and tap on “Google Services and Performance”.
Google Services and Performance



2.Now select “Account Services” from Services.


3.Now tap on “Search, Assistant and Voice” option from your service list.

4.Now select Google Assistant.

5.When Google Assistant Manager is open, go to the Assistant tab and scroll to the very bottom of the page and select your phone from “Assistant Device”. Then Google Assistant settings manager of your phone will open.
6.Now click on Voice Model option from Voice Match in Assistant Settings Manager.
7.  If you do not already have a default voice model, click on the “New Voice Model” option. And if there is a default voice model, then tap on the “Return Voice Model” option.
8.Now it’s time to give voice model. Here you will be asked to say “Ok Google” twice and “Hey Google” twice to get your voice symbol and you will have to say so.
9. If the voice symbol is given correctly, you will see a tick mark and a Next button next to it. 
Click on the Next button.
10.Now you will see a finish button on the page that will come in front of you. Just click the Finish button.
You’re done. From now on, you will have to give the command to Google Assistant in the same way you gave the voice symbol. So, friends, this was today’s article, I hope you like the article.

Video Tutorial –

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