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Flood in Harappan forest in Uttarakhand

The glacier broke and the water rushed to it.  Hundreds of people are missing in this area of ​​the Chameli district of Uttarakhand.  Six hill villages have been washed away.  The Dhauli Ganga and the Rishi Ganga swelled several times in the flow of water due to the avalanche when the Nanda Devi glacier broke.  Large areas have collapsed.  Two hydropower projects have almost been swept away by the strong current.  Along with NTPC’s Tapaeban-Bishnur project in Dhauli Ganga, the Rishi Ganga hydropower project has also collapsed due to floods.  The dam of the project has broken due to water.  About 150 workers were being found working on the Tapabon project.  Rescuers said Sunday night that 17 people had been rescued alive.  However, the rest are less likely to be found alive.  The bodies of seven workers were recovered by Sunday night, the Uttarakhand administration said.  Dhauli Ganga, Rishi Ganga, and Alaknanda called Harappa forest in the afternoon.  State Police Director General Ashok Kumar also said that the two power projects were almost swept away by the strong current.  The level of the flood has been captured at least a little bit by various television cameras.  It was as if the house plants were floating on the hillside. The current of Ghala water is flowing downwards.  Due to the darkness, rescue operations in difficult geological areas have become almost impossible.  Officials of the Central Water Commission in Delhi have said that the height of Dhaeli Ganga water at Yashimath has not been seen in the past.  This year’s glacier-breaking Harappan Ban brings back memories of the catastrophic disaster of 2013 in Kedarnath, Uttarakhand.  It was raining heavily.  Many areas of Uttarakhand have washed away.  At least 5,600 people died.  As seen, the main cause of the disaster is the loss of environmental balance due to uncontrolled construction.  The construction of two hydropower projects in the fragile geology of the Himalayas was also questioned on Sunday.  BJP leader and former Union Minister Uma Bharati said, “We should be alert to the avalanche and floods.  During my tenure in the ministry, I opposed the construction of heavy dams in this area and on important tributaries.  Bharati was the Water Resources Minister in the first term of the Narendra Modi government at the Center.  But it rained before the Kedarnath disaster.  On Sunday, the flood administration claimed that the trapped people had been rescued from different villages.  Many are safe.

Chief Minister and BJP leader Tribendra Singh Rawat also demanded relocation to the area.  However, it is known that the damage is not stuck in the upper part of the hill.  Harappan forests have also been severely affected in the lower populated areas.  An extreme alert has been issued in Pauri, Tehri, Rudraprayag, Haridwar, and Dehradun districts.  A spokesman for the ITBP said it had lost contact with surveillance centers in the border area.  These forces, the Indo-Tibetan Border Police, are engaged in surveillance along the Line of Actual Control with China.  A bridge collapsed in the village of Renee, leaving no one in a state of shock.  Only in this village, three bridges have collapsed.  The state administration is being assisted by ITBP and the National Disaster Relief Force.  State Disaster Maekabila Bahini DIG Udhim Agarwal said the Ganges tributary Dhauli Ganges water is flowing 6 to 8 meters above normal.  The water level is also above the danger level in Alaknanda.  However, the administration said that the water of Alaknanda has started flowing.  According to the ITBP, 100 workers were working on the main dam at the Tapaevan power project.  Another 50 were in a tunnel.  Talks are held with the officials of the organization in charge of the project.  Knowing that there may be a possibility of survival of some people trapped in the tunnel, the disaster rescue force called Macabila.  But there are piles of mud and garbage at the mouth of the tunnel.  The forces removed the garbage and rescued 16 people alive.  Some of the rescued workers said, ‘No life.  Someone was seen hugging known locals involved in the rescue operation.  The Chief Minister and the administration were briefed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah.  Shah said the situation was being monitored continuously.  Additional forces are being sent by air.  It is learned that two hundred jawans reached Haridwar from Delhi on Sunday.  This force will march towards Jayashimath.  CPI (M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury Shaikh said in memory of those killed in the disaster.  He said the state needs to provide adequate assistance.  The Center needs to take immediate action in the event of a catastrophe.  Uttar Pradesh has also issued a warning in the wake of the catastrophe in Uttarakhand.  Alerts have been issued in 25 districts along the Ganges.  Residents are forbidden to go near the river.  The meteorological department in Delhi has forecast no snow or rain in Chameli on Saturday.  However, light rains are likely in the northern part of the district on February 9 and 10.  If it rains, the rescue operation is likely to be disrupted.  The administration is a little relieved by the announcement of the Meteorological Department.  As news of the disaster spread, panic spread to various adjoining areas.  Many acquaintances who have been seen living in the devastated area are sitting in different streets in groups hoping for news.
Chamoli: On a winter’s morning, I came down to the ‘Devbhoomi’ on a calm hill and met death … Harapa Ban.  Gave back those horrible memories of eight years ago.  The sun was still shining all around.  At first, there was a roar, then a huge rush of water.  Houses and villages around Yoshimath — everything flew away like straw.  Within moments the dam collapsed, and then the bridge.  The whole country was shocked to see this scene in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand on social media on Sunday.  The one and a half minute video are like a repetition of the Kedarnath disaster of 2013.  The nightmare returned.  About 160 people are missing in Sunday’s incident.  The bodies of 10 people have been recovered till night.  It was possible to bring out 18 injured people from a tunnel.  The families of the victims will be given financial assistance of Rs 2 lakh and Rs 4 lakh from the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund and the state government respectively.  Seriously injured will get 50 thousand rupees.

How this Flood Happened?

Around 10 am on this day, a part of the Nanda Devi glacier near Joshimath broke and a huge avalanche occurred.  Due to which the water level in Alaknanda and Dhauliganga started flowing 3 to 4 meters above the danger level.  Strong tidal waves and Harappan forests flooded several villages.  Five bridges also collapsed.  The most damaged is the Rishi Ganga hydropower project.  The 13.2 MW project has been washed away.  The disaster also hit NTPC’s Tapoban-Vishnugarh hydropower project under construction on Dhauliganga near Reni village in Tapoban.  About 160 workers working there cannot be found.  Rescuers estimate that their chances of survival are slim as they are buried under rocks and mud.

Estimate Report

State Disaster Response Force DIG Rhythm Agarwal fears the death toll could rise.  The administration has already issued high alert in several districts including Pauri, Tehri, Rudraprayag, Haridwar, and Dehradun.  People have been evacuated from riverine villages to a safe distance.  Uttarakhand Chief Minister Tribendra Singh Rawat said the situation had improved by posting a video of Dhauliganga at noon.  At around 8 pm, the water level in the river suddenly rose again.  At that time, an attempt was being made to rescue 30-35 people trapped in a tunnel of the Tapoban-Vishnugarh project.  It was shut down due to rising water levels.

Prime Minister Visit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is currently on a visit to Assam and West Bengal.  Upon hearing the news of the disaster, he called Tribendra Singh Rawat. The whole country is with Uttarakhand.  I am praying for the safety and security of the people, ”he said.  Mamata wrote, ‘I am shocked by the disaster in Uttarakhand.  The US State Department and the French government have also expressed their condolences.

Rescue Team

4 pens (one pen i.e. 100 jawans) Army, multiple helicopters, ITBP, National Disaster Response Force, medical team, and engineering task force are working at the spot.  Chief Minister Rawat is also keeping an eye on the situation on the ground.  He also pleaded to refrain from spreading rumors on the internet with old videos of the floods.  State DGP Ashok Kumar told the Chief Minister that the dam in Srinagar had blocked the flow of water.  Besides, the situation has been handled as a result of blocking the flow of the Bhagirathi river.  Union Home Minister Amit Shah was on a visit to Maharashtra.  From there, in one tweet after another, he said that he was in constant touch with the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand.  A 200-member NDRF team was flown in from Delhi.
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