Difference Between Official and Unofficial Android Mobile Phones

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Before buying a brand new mobile, we are very confused about one thing. Why is there such a difference between the price of an official mobile and the price of an unofficial mobile? Or whether it will be an unofficial mobile or whether there will be any problem if you buy these mobiles again. Or what is the difference between official and unofficial mobile?  First of all, let’s talk about the difference between official and unofficial mobiles.

Difference Official and Unofficial Android Mobile Phones

Official Mobile

When talking about official and unofficial mobiles, first you need to know what is an official mobile? So we mean official mobiles that all mobiles enter Bangladesh legally and pay VAT and taxes to the government and the IMEI number of the mobiles are deposited in the list of BTC. These mobiles are called official mobiles.

Advantages and disadvantages of unofficial mobile

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Official Mobile:

There is nothing in the list of disadvantages of official mobiles because from these mobiles you can enjoy all the benefits of customer care. For official mobile warranty or servicing, you can contact their showroom or customer care directly.

What Is The Price Of The Official Mobile:

You have to buy the official mobile with a price that is fixed. Sold as the prize you see online.

Unofficial Mobile

Many of us want to buy unofficial because the price is a little lower, but there is a question in everyone’s mind that what is unofficial mobile? In a word, all the mobiles that enter the country illegally or without paying any kind of VAT or tax to the government are unofficial mobiles. You can buy these mobiles for less money as you don’t have to pay VAT or tax to the government.

Advantages and disadvantages of unofficial mobile

Advantages and disadvantages of unofficial mobile:

The only difference between unofficial and official mobiles is the advantage of price. It is possible to buy an official mobile for 2-3 thousand rupees or less. The biggest problem is that the government has stepped in to shut down unofficial mobile phones. So the mobile network system can be shut down at any time.

What Is The Price Of Unofficial Mobile?

You can buy up to 1500-3000 rupees or less from the official mobile depending on the model and price of the mobile.

Do you have a notice when the unofficial phone will be switched off?

Unofficial mobile phones have been shut down in the past, but the Coronavirus may not seem to bother them anymore. But they can do it anytime they want.

If your unofficial mobile turned off

Those who have already bought or will buy unofficial mobile have questions in their minds. What if the mobile government shuts down the network? Can this mobile no longer be used? The answer to this is my idea that those who have already bought it will have to reactivate the mobile with VAT and tax in order for the government to reactivate the mobile network system. Can cost up to Rs.500-1500 (just idea)

Can There Be Jail Or a Fine If You Buy An Unofficial Mobile?

You may not have anything if you have bought but those who are selling may have problems. Because the government is working to stop unofficial mobile phones.

How To Recognize Official Unofficial Phone:

You have to look at the 15 digit IMEI number of your mobile (also written on the packet). Then go to the message option, write KYD in capital letters, write a 15-digit IMEI number with space, and send a message to 16002. In the return message, the customer will be able to know whether the IMEI number is in the information list of BTRC or not. If there is then it is official and if not then it is unofficial. However, if you buy an official mobile, it is better to buy it from the showroom.

Where To Buy Unofficial Mobile?

Unofficial mobiles are available in many places in Bangladesh. You can find out the details including the name of the shop on YouTube. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment box. Thanks.

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