3 Easy Ways to Change Font Style in Android Mobile

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How to Change font style in WhatsApp, Instagram, and android mobile easily with these simple 3 ways. However, you have Android 11, this way also works perfectly. Some mobile does not allow to change the font, so we give you 3 ways to change the font in any android mobile.

Change Font Style

How to Change Font Style?

We give you 3 methods to change android mobile font. One of the methods will definitely work for you. So, you need to check the all methods to know which methods work for you.

  • You need to Download & Install the zFont 3 app
  • open zFont 3 and grant all permission
  • after that, here you can see huge numbers of the font list
  • now choose the font, then click on Download & Apply
  • choose a method to install font style.

These 3 installation methods will definitely work for you. Make sure to check Font Changing Method. Which is in the upper right corner. If this is on Auto mode and even not working. Then you need to change the font changing model to your specific mobile brand name. If even above all methods not working, then you need a rooted device. Rooted users can easily change font easily with the Magisk module method. Also read, how to Root any Android?

In this paragraph, we discuss How to Change font style in WhatsApp, Instagram? Firstly, You need to download & install the zFont 3 app from the play store. Now, open zFont 3 app. Grant storage permission and installation permission. Now, choose a font for your device. Secondly, click on download and then apply. Thirdly, choose a method to install font style. You can also change the font changing method according to your phone brand. By default, this is set on auto mode. If you have some problem changing font then you can watch the below tutorial video.

Video Tutorial

Hope you all guys can change font style on Android using the 3 ways easily. You can also read, hidden Android Tips.

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