What is Backlink? Basic Idea About Backlink 2021

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In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) terms, Backlink means creating a hyperlink of your own blog with another’s blog or website, which makes it possible for visitors to come to your blog from that link. Moreover, to put it more simply, you have to link your website with another website to make your domain more popular!

So today in this post I will try to explain the backlink relationship to you completely. I hope you will read in the end! In fact, Google has more than 200 rules for ranking your website in Google’s search engine. Backlink is one of the most important. The more backlinks you have that means you well get more rank. Which is why you have to create a lot of backlinks! However, there are many rules to create backlinks. If I create backlinks to any website, I will not. One thing is very important in creating backlinks. And that is the quality of backlinks. You need to look at the DA AND PA of any website you want to link your website to.

What is Backlink

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is usually score in 0-100. Of which 1-30 Domain Authority is very low. The links to the sites are not so effective.

In other words, the more the Domain Authority of the website, the better the links to that website.
So you must create a link from a good Domain Authority site.

For a example – When you go to a website and give the link to your website and it is approved, you will get a backlink.

Moreover, there are several ways to create backlinks. One of the two ways is : –

1.Guest Posting :-

Guest Posting is the best medium for link building. That means you will find many good websites like this where you can post your own. That means you can do your post. By which you can add a link to your website in any part of the post. And with that you get a backlink. And this backlink will be a lot of quality backlink. Therefore you will try to Guest Post. By which you will get a lot of good and quality backlink. Which will play a magical role in your rankings.

It is also a way to create backlinks by which you can link your website to another website ..This process is for those who can’t write a very good post. Or you are not getting approval even after posting a lot of guests. Those who are doing this can go below the post of a very good website and comment in this way. And you can link to your website in any part of the comment. Let’s give an example of how backlinks play a role in Google’s rankings. Suppose you have a website. You must never want that. Let any incompetent person authorize your website. And that’s exactly what Google wants. To place any ineligible website on their first page. They will always give space to the website with the most backlinks.

Moreover, there are two more issues in backlinks-

This is to make the link visible when you create your link

For example: <a href=”http://www.google.com/”>Google</a> This link is Do follow Link. Although these links will play the most important role in your ranking

The basic idea about backlinks is to put your link inside a text. However, be careful not to create too many such links. Because these links can adversely affect your rankings. Because these links are ignored by search engines. In other words, Google thinks these are spam.

Example: <a href=”http://www.google.com” rel=”nofollow”>

So you have to keep one thing in mind. You must create a Do follow link. Of course you can create no follow link. However, it would be better to make a very small amount.

So far today. I tried to give some ideas. Hope you like it.

Thanks for staying with me.

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