Android 11 Release Date,New Features,Stability All Reviews

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As always, Android brings new features and its new OS. Just like that, Android 11 is coming with a new feature released on June 10. (Android 11) So let’s see what is in this new Android 11!
Android 11

1.Screen Recorder :

For a long time now, the screen recording feature has been coming to Android as if it was foggy, but this time on Android 11, the screen recording feature has been confirmed, so this time there is a built-in screen recording feature.
android 11 screen recorder

2.Notification Bubbles :

In the new version of Android, there is a notification bubble, which means that there is a conversation bubble in Facebook Messenger for chatting, and now there is a notification bubble in Android 11. In this case, when chatting, you will find multiple chatting apps in the same bubble. Which will make you use a lot of advances.
Android 10 Chat Bubbles

3. Music control on the status bar

This time the special feature on Android is the music control feature. After playing any music you can control it from the status bar of the phone.
android 10 music control bar

4.Dark mode scheduling

In Android 10 it was confirmed that there will be Dark Mode and we got it but now this Dark Mode has been made a little advanced in Android 11 as now you can schedule Dark Mode like when Dark Mode will be on and when Dark Mode will be off.
Android 11 Dark Theme

5.Smart reply

Although there was a smart reply in the previous Android, now it has been arranged in a more new way.

Android 11 Smart Reply

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